A Voice For Our Youth at UNICEF

Year 11 student Atosha Birongo speaking with Melrose Primary School students
Year 11 student Atosha Birongo speaking with Melrose Primary School students

Last week Year 11 Wodonga Senior Secondary College student Atosha Birongo conducted five consultations with classes across Wodonga’s Federation of Government Schools as part of her role as UNICEF Australia Youth Ambassador.

UNICEF is undertaking national consultations with children to find out what is most important to them. The information gathered by Atosha will form part of a written report which will be taken to decision-makers and used by UNICEF to lobby politicians. Students across the Federation contributed ideas regarding education, health and wellbeing, the environment and equal rights. Students expressed their appreciation in being consulted on these important topics within our community.

Atosha is an exemplary role model for her peers and takes every opportunity to get involved within the local community, sharing her experiences with staff and students earlier this year at a morning tea. Atosha “hopes to find the main concern with young people and children in our region” and to strengthen the relationship between the government and young people of Australia.

“I feel that my culture will bring diversity to the group and because of my background, I feel like I have a lot to share” Said Atosha.
The Program will see Atosha work with a group of young people from ages 15 to 25 consisting of representatives from each state of Australia and will provide a voice for this underrepresented demographic of our population.