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About Us

Baranduda Primary School is located in Verbena St, Baranduda, approximately 10kms from Wodonga Central. The school has a history spanning over 130 years. Baranduda Primary School is a ‘neighbourhood school’ to Baranduda and Leneva.

Barnaduda Primary School is a Visible Learning School for Foundation to Year Six. Baranduda Primary School has specialist teachers in Art, IT, LOTE and Music.

The school site is an attractive learning environment, situated in a rural setting with ample grounds. There is a modern Multi Purpose Room, Library/ Information Technology Centre, Art Room, Amphitheatre and Foundation/Year 1, Year 2/3 & Year 4/5/6 Learning Centres.

Enrolments at Baranduda sit around 270 students across 11 multi-aged classes.

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Baranduda Primary School