Byte by Byte – Hands on With Robotics

As part of our federations implementation of the new Victorian Digital Technologies Curriculum a hands on workshop was held at Wodonga Senior Secondary College for students. This formed the second of three collaborative opportunities that have been facilitated by the Digital Literacy Schools Grant which our Federation received in 2017, the program aims to provide students within the Federation the skillset to not only be consumers of technology, but to be the creators of new technologies. Event organiser and Wodonga Federation of Government Schools grant leader Mr Scott Nugent said, “Every student in our Federation will learn computer aided manufacturing, how to code, 3D print and build robots. This will create a new generation of innovators within our community, creating new local industries.”

The event held last Thursday saw 56 students from 7 schools attend a Lego EV3 robotics workshop at Wodonga Senior Secondary College which provided  opportunities for collaboration crossing primary, special and senior educaiton. This will help our students build the technological confidence to be future innovators within our local community.