Collegial Support

Joint action

The Federation has several action groups operating across the Federation to collaboratively improve the outcomes of all students within the Federation. These action groups:
• Exchange knowledge and ideas
• Develop and strengthen teaching and assessment approaches
• Build a culture of collaboration
• Plan and deliver combined activities
• Share best practice, preparation material and resources across the eight schools


Support for Principal Class

The Federation has a Principal Advisory Group. Each of the member school principals are active members of this group. The group are supported by an executive office and a community board. The collegial nature of the group supports each of the principals in their day to day operations and future planning of their school. A number of administrative functions are coordinated by the Federation which makes for an efficient and effective use of time amongst the schools.

Promoting diversity

Member schools are committed to fostering a rich and diverse environment were all staff and students are treated with dignity and respect regardless of their sex, gender identity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, cultural identity or level of ability.
All schools within the Federation are building cultures of respect and equality as part of Respectful Relationships – whole school approach. For more information visit our Respectful Relationships website.