Digital Creators community Project Announcement

The Wodonga Federation of Government Schools Digital Technologies project is supported by the Australian  Government Department of Education and Training through the Digital Literacy School Grants Program.

Announcement Event

When: 5/5/2017 at 10:45 – 11:00am
Where: Wodonga Senior Secondary College (Regional STEM Centre)

Grant Details

The Federation has receive $50,000 to funding to deliver the Digital Creator Community Project across the 8 school from F-12 including the students with special needs from Belvoir Special School. The government received a large number of applications, making the section process very competitive. This project is one of only 54 to receive funding. Digital Literacy School Grants Program (DLSG) .

Key Personal

Mellisa Long
[email protected]
0419 213 496
Executive Officer/Wodonga Federation of Government Schools

Scott Nugent
[email protected]
0447 592 837

Digital Literacy School Grant Project Leader/Wodonga Federation of Government Schools eLearning Coordinator/Wodonga Senior Secondary College

Participating Schools

Belvoir Special School, Baranduda Primary School, Melrose Primary School, Wodonga Primary School, Wodonga

South Primary School, Wodonga West Primary School, Wodonga Middle Years College and Wodonga Senior Secondary College

Combined School Profiles

The Federation provides learning and developmental pathways for 60% (4318) of Wodonga’s children and young people and employees 350 teachers. The Federation also has a significant number of students who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (6.8%) and Students with Disability (7.5%).   Purpose

The purpose of the Digital Creators Community Project (DCCP) is to develop collaboration between schools, provide professional development and curriculum resources for the federation teachers, guaranteeing successful delivery of the new Digital Technologies Curriculum to every student. We will purchase advanced digital technologies hardware such 3D printers, robotics and programmable hardware to challenge and extend students. The project will create opportunities for student across schools to mentor, share and innovate.


  • Create digital leaders in every school
  • Develop teacher expertise and confidence
  • Provide access to advanced Digital Technologies Hardware
  • Develop student aspirations
  • Create an online collaboration space for curriculum and students
  • Develop capability for students to use Digital Technologies cross circular
  • Create opportunity for students to share their success and projects with local community