Melrose Primary School Educating Hearts and Minds

About Us

Melrose Primary School is located in Silva Drive, Wodonga, approximately 3kms from Wodonga Central. The school has a history spanning over 37 years. Melrose Primary School is a ‘neighbourhood school’ to Felltimber and Wodonga West.

Melrose Primary School offers Foundation to Year Six. It delivers a whole school approach to Emotional Intelligence, as well as having specialist teachers in Visual Arts, Italian and PE.

Melrose Primary School has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment. The learning areas are positioned around a central service complex which consists of an art resource centre, library, a multi-purpose room, student kitchen, facilities, Early Years training room and a music room.

Enrolment at Melrose Primary sits around 350 students across 3 Foundation straight classes and 13 multi-aged classes.

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Melrose Primary School