About Us

Wodonga Federation of Government Schools is a locally led strategic collaboration providing a variety of learning and developmental pathways for 60% of Wodonga’s school aged children and young people.

Member schools formalised their commitment to the Federation in August 2016 by signing a memorandum of understanding which outlines how the schools will work together and the governance arrangements.

The Federation consists of eight government schools (Wodonga Senior Secondary College (including Wodonga Flexible Learning Centre), Wodonga Middle Years College, Baranduda
Primary School (PS), Melrose PS, Wodonga South PS, Wodonga West PS, Wodonga PS  and Belvoir Special School) in the local government area of Wodonga.

Each member school shares a commitment to the principles of education as outlined in the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 Sect 12.2. In particular, ensuring guaranteed universal access to education for all children and young people.

The Federation works collaboratively to achieve its goals through:

• Developing a shared vision and working in unison
• Mobilising resources, knowledge and expertise to support what works.
• Sharing accountability and creating opportunities for all children and young people.
• Enabling and enhancing strategies that work.
• Advocating for equity and policy / practice improvement and investments.