Students Lead The Way

Forty-six student leaders will gather today to further develop their leadership skills at the inaugural Wodonga Federation of Government Schools Student Leadership program.

Student leaders are from Wodonga Primary School, Wodonga South Primary School, Wodonga West Primary School, Melrose Primary School, Baranduda Primary School, Wodonga Middle Years College and Wodonga Senior Secondary College.
The Leadership Program runs over four days throughout the year. The program will focus on developing leadership skills for self, school and community.
Today’s leadership prgram, designed to developed individual leadership skills, is being delivered by year 10, 11 and 12 student leaders from Wodonga Senior Secondary College. Senior leader Anthea Waldegrave-Knight, from Wodonga Senior Secondary College, is excited to be facilitating a session for the younger leaders.
‘I have never had an opportunity like this before. I put my hand up this year to be school vice captain and when this opportunity to run a session with other students came up I jumped at it. I hope that at the end of this project I have the skills to be able to teach others something in the future. I feel that learning the skills of leadership early allows young students to be able to succeed and sets them up for their working life ahead,’ said Anthea.
Executive Officer of the Wodonga Federation of Government Schools, Mellisa Long, said the leadership program gave the senior leaders the opportunities to apply their leadership skills in a real life context.
‘The day will give the senior leaders hands on experience in leading others. They have had to deepen their understanding of  leadership skills to be able to impart these skills and knowledge to the younger student leaders.’
‘For many of the senior student leaders this is the first time they have done anything like this. They have been paired with community mentors to help them design their session. It’s incredible to watch their confidence go to a new level.’
‘The senior leaders are equipping and empowering the younger leaders to : Model the way, Inspire a shared vision, Challenge the process, Enable others to act and Encourage the heart when leading’.


About the Wodonga Federation of Government Schools:
Wodonga Federation of Government Schools is a locally led strategic collaboration enhancing learning opportunity for 60% of Wodonga’s school aged children and young people. Member schools formalised their commitment to the Federation in August 2016 by signing a memorandum of understanding which outlines how the schools will work together and the governance arrangements. The Federation consists of eight government schools (Wodonga Senior Secondary College (including Wodonga Flexible Learning  Centre), Wodonga Middle Years College, Baranduda Primary School (PS), Melrose PS, Wodonga South PS, Wodonga West PS, Wodonga PS and Belvoir Special School) in the local government area of Wodonga.


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