WFGS Conference 2019

Wodonga Federation of Government Schools held it’s third annual conference on Friday, August 26. Over 480 educators and education support staff from Baranduda Primary School, Melrose Primary School, Wodonga Middle Years College, Wodonga Primary School, Wodonga Senior Secondary College, Wodonga South Primary School and Wodonga West Children’s Centre attended.

Attendees were welcomed to the conference by three Wodonga Senior Secondary College students; Luke Runciman, Chelsea Barton and Seonaid Lee. Each student has transitioned from one of the primary schools within the Federation to Wodonga Middle Years College and then Wodonga Senior Secondary College.

The students highlighted the high-quality education and extra-curricular opportunites they have received within the Federation. They also acknowledged and thanked the efforts of educators, administration, IT technicians, canteen, library, and well-being staff and parents/carers.

The keynote speaker, Adam Voigt, inspired attendees as he delivered a critically important message about School Culture and how the schools within the Federation can define, improve, enhance and even transform it. Adam is an educational leader and has featured on Sunrise, The Project and Nine News.

Ensuring that our local students have the best available learning and developmental opportunities available to them, educators and education support staff within the Federation were able to select two workshops from over forty. These workshops focused on developing their capacity in teaching excellence, school administration, engagement and wellbeing.

The conference also provides the attendees with an opportunity to network and share best practice with their colleagues across the City of Wodonga. Attendees will be back at their school, implementing new strategies and ideas with their students.