This Action Group will collaboratively focus on increasing the contribution education, training and development services make to good health and the quality of life for students within the Federation.

  • Performance and efficiency through joint investment in health and wellbeing expertise.
  • Develop common elements to health, safety and wellbeing models across schools in the Federation.
  • Joint plan for the health, safety and wellbeing needs of all students with external agencies.


Current Projects


Data sourced from Wodonga Council’s Safety, Inclusion and Equity Strategy: 2016 – 2017 to 2021 – 2022

Respectful Relationships

Project Description

Each of the schools within the Federation are committed to The Government’s Respectful Relationships in school’s initiative to tackle family violence.

The unacceptably high rates of family violence, in particular violence against women and their children, are well documented in Wodonga.

The Federation supports the Royal Commission into Family Violence recommendation that school-based prevention is effect in reducing the incidence of family violence and helping to address gender inequality.

Each school has established a Respectful Relationships Leadership Team who are involved in and committed to – identifying, leading and resourcing actions to promote gender equality and implement respectful relationships across the school.

The Respectful Relationships Leadership Teams have attended training in identifying family violence and gender equity. They have also undertaken a baseline assessment to understand where their school is at with promoting gender equality and respectful relationships.

All school staff have participated in induction sessions into Respectful Relationships in school.